OWN a Business?  MANAGE a Business?  PURCHASE for a Business?
If so, then The Rag Company's BUSINESS PRO-gram is perfect for YOU!!!

STEP #1:     Send an email with your full company information, including VAT number if                                                 you have one. Also let us know if you're a end user, like a detailer or if you're                                                 into retail.

STEP #2:     We'll check the information you've send us, and if everything is correct then                                                 we'll create an account for wich you can use for future purchases.

(Requires Official TRC Verification of Your Business - Allow Up To Two/Three Business Days For Account Activation)

BUSINESS PRO-gram Rules:

  • The BUSINESS PRO-gram is open to all types of professional businesses with an active / verifiable website, FaceBook page, Instagram feed, other Social Media, State Business Registration Number or other means of validating an active status
  • Approval of BUSINESS PRO-gram membership is at the discretion of The Rag Company Europe based upon the business validation information provided during the application process.  The Rag Company Europe also reserves the right to cancel membership at any time
  • Online Coupon Codes cannot be used!
  • Your businesses’ account may only be used by the approved business and cannot be shared with other non-related individuals or businesses.  The account is intended only for your own businesses’ official use.  Repeat violators of this rule will be notified and have their assigned account de-activated / cancelled for future use
  • You must use your assigned / approved account during ordering to receive all applicable BUSINESS PRO-gram discounts. The discounted product pricing will be reflected in your account when you're logged in.


  • Can I resell items purchased through the BUSINESS PRO-gram?  Yes, you can resell items purchased through the BUSINESS PRO-gram.  However, you MUST have officially documented / written permission from The Rag Company to resell any items using The Rag Company brand name (no special permission required for private label / generic brand sales)
  • Are the Coupon Code Discounts available every day or only on special days?  It's not possible to use any coupon codes as BUSINESS PRO-gram Member
  • Is the BUSINESS PRO-gram also available to customers outside Europe?  Yes, the BUSINESS PRO-gram is available to all approved business customers in countries where The Rag Company currently ships.  We are continuously evaluating international shipping opportunities.  If your country is one we actively ship to, you will be offered the applicable shipping options during the checkout process
  • What does The Rag Company do with the data I provide?The Rag Company Europe keeps all information confidential and will never share your email addresses with any third party. We are a company that will protect and safeguard the privacy of our customers. See our privacy policy for the details of our pledge to your privacy.  We only use the information you provide in the application form as a means of validating the existence of your business and authorizing your membership into the BUSINESS PRO-gram.

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