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Wowo's Interior Finisher 500ml

Price: € 15.75
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    • Brand: Wowo's
    • Product Code: ww014
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    Wowo’s Interior Finisher

    Wowo’s INTERIOR FINISHER is the best for all your interior plastics and vinyl surfaces! The water-based formula with UV inhibitors, anti-static capabilities and a fresh scent means this is exactly what you want and need to protect your interior. A standard application leaves a nice satin finish. For a shinier look, simply add a little more product and wipe it down with a quality Microfiber towel! You've cleaned it, now protect it. Wowo's Interior Finisher is an antistatic cockpit finisher used for all interior plastics and hard surfaces, that leaves a soft satin sheen and a fresh scent.Wowo’s Interior Finisher is an easy to use, anti-static, satin sheen interior cockpit finisher. Spray on, wipe off. Done. Instructions: 1. Give the bottle a good shake. 2. Make sure the trigger sprayer is facing away from you unless you want to eat or wear the product (we don’t advise this). 3. Spray onto the area you wish to shine and protect. 4. Wipe off with a deep pile (thick) microfibre towel or cloth. 5. Apply a second coat for extra shine.

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