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KXK Dynamics XP Pad Punch Kit V2

Price: € 264.99
  • Ex Tax: € 219.00
    • Brand: KXK Dynamics
    • Product Code: XPPPS
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Material: High Strength Steel
    • Origin: Made in: USA



    KXK Dynamics XP Pad Punch Kit 2.0

    Punch your own pads in just minutes!

    The V2.0 KxK Dynamics Punch set features shorter punches with a brilliantly designed and extremely versatile punch handle!  The Stryker handle from KxK Dynamics is the "lynchpin" within their beautifully designed version 2 Pad Punch set!  When re-designing the punch set, the brilliant team over at KxK Dynamics had 3 things in mind.  The Stryker handle allowed them to save material (providing increased savings to you) by shortening the punch portion of the unit and transferring the function of the handle into a single versatile piece which can be used on all 3 punches.  You simply complete a few flicks of the wrist and bingo the handle spins into place! 

    Product info
    Material High Strength Steel
    Origin Made in: USA

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