Optimum Opti-Clean waterless wash


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Optimum Opti-Clean waterless wash

Optimum Opti-Clean is a very advanced waterless wash, one of the best in the marketplace. It is designed to wipe away dirt and grime from automotive paint and other surfaces safely and effectively in a spray and wipe application. Optimum Opti-Clean contains the same proven polymer system that is used in the Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine as well as additional polymers that add greater lubricity and protection to the paint. Simply spray Optimum Opti-Clean on any surface and wipe off with a plush microfiber towel till the area is clean and dry.

Optimum Opti-Clean is available in ready to use 18 oz. size or in 4x concentrate in 32 oz. and gallon sizes. Simply spray Optimum Opti-Clean liberally on the painted surfaces and wipe with a clean plush microfiber towel. The substantive polymers encapsulate the dirt and grime to protect the paint from marring while lubricating and bonding to the painted and other automotive surfaces to provide greater protection while leaving a slick glossy finish behind.


– Spray Optimum Opti-Clean liberally on one panel at a time.

– Fold Optimum Drying Towel into eight sections and wipe clean till the panel is completely clean and free of dirt and grime.

– Fold Optimum Drying Towel to expose a new clean section and repeat step.

When diluting the concentrate, use Di-ionized or Reverse Osmosis water for best results. Dilute one part concentrate with 3 parts water.

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ENGLISH Optimum Opti-Clean – Hazard statements (CLP): Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Precautionary statements (CLP): If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand,Keep out of reach of children,Avoid release to the environment,Dispose of contents and container to hazardous or special waste collection point, in accordance with local, regional, national and/or international regulation. EUH208 – Contains Perfume. May produce an allergic reaction. Allergenic fragrances > 0,01%: Citral, Citronellol, Eugenol, Farnesol, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol Labelling of contents: perfumes; CITRAL; LIMONENE; FARNESOL; GERANIOL; EUGENOL; CITRONELLOL; LINALOOL


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