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Optimum Opti Seal paint sealant




Optimum Opti-Seal paint sealant

Our Optimum Opti-Seal is a new revolutionary paint sealant that creates unmatched slickness and gloss with just a few drops per vehicle. One ounce completely seals and protects 4-5 cars! This product leaves no residue and requires no buffing. Enjoy months of durable polymer protection with just drops of Opti-Seal. Optimum Opti-Seal is a true paint sealant with no cleaning properties. It seals and protects paint under a crystal clear barrier of cross-linked polymers. Dirt, moisture, oil, and UV radiation are all sealed out of the paint to maintain optimum gloss. It is a spray sealant that provides the durability of traditional sealants in minutes.

The science behind Opti-Seal is incredible. The hyper concentrated polymer sealant begins cross-linking as soon as it hits the paint. Opti-Seal flashes almost immediately to leave a polymer film on the paint. Opti-Seal is not a short-cut product. It is a state-of-the-art, stand-alone spray sealant that provides real, durable protection for paint, plastic trim, and wheels. This is a last step product, not a maintenance product. After polishing, apply Opti-Seal and walk away. Opti-Seal is the only paint protection your vehicle needs. Opti-Seal is crystal clear in the bottle and on the paint. Applied very thinly, it will not streak or cloud. Simply spray, wipe, and walk away. Opti-Seal leaves absolutely no residue to buff off. Paint protection couldn’t be any easier! Opti-Seal contains no fillers or cleaners. This is a true paint sealant. If your vehicle has some light imperfections, use Optimum Poli-Seal or Optimum Polish for removing oxidation and any other paint correction. Top the smooth, shiny finish with Opti-Seal for added protection and gloss. Opti-Seal can also be used as a base coat under Optimum Car Wax or any other car wax.

Application Tips:

– Use very sparingly. Opti-Seal is made to be applied in a thin layer.

– Always use a clean and dry applicator to spread Opti-Seal over your vehicle.

– Prep the paint before applying Opti-Seal. Remove any swirls or imperfections beforehand because Opti-Seal is a true paint sealant with no cleaners or fillers.


– Add 30ml to 2000ml of water in a bucket.

– Soak Optimum Microfiber Towel in the bucket and wash one section at a time till the area is clean.

– Dry each section with one of The Rag Company Drying Towel(s).

– If surface dries before wiping clean, just wash again and dry

Additional information

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Optimum Polymer Technologies




60ml, 236ml


ENGLISH Optimum Opti-Seal Precautionary statements (CLP): If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand,Keep out of reach of children,Read label before use. EUH210 – Safety data sheet available on request.


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