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Wowo's Tyre Restorer 500ml

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Wowo’s Tyre Restorer

Wowo’s TYRE RESTORER is like taking a new set of tires through an Orchard of Peaches. It may not make sense, but it just works and smells great. This Water-Based dressing contains NO Silicone or harmful ingredients to negatively affect the look of your awesome rubber. Wowo’s TYRE RESTORER can be sprayed directly onto the tire or worked in with your favorite Foam or Microfiber Applicator. The product can be layered after a short dry time to add more shine as needed. The result will be a dry-to-the-touch tire with no sling on the side of your vehicle. What more could you want? Wowo’s Tyre Restorer will give your tyres that new tyre sheen, helping maintain your tyres look with results that last and that won’t sling up the side of your car. Voila!

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500 ml


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