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The Wholesale PRO-gram


Wholesale PRO-gram rules:

Create a Customer Account with The Rag Company BEFORE applying to the Wholesale PRO-gram.  Click the button below to create your account (bypass this step if you are already registered)

Send an email with your full company information, including VAT number if you have one. We’ll check the information you’ve send us, and if everything is correct we’ll convert your account to a Dealer PRO-gram account.

(Requires Official TRC Verification of Your Business – Allow Up To Two/Three Business Days For Account Activation)

Dealer PRO-gram FAQ:

The Business PRO-gram is great for resellers placing orders that are less than €500 as it offers you the flexibility to place any size order and automatically receive 15% Off most products every day. But joining the Wholesale PRO-gram offers substantially greater savings over the Business PRO-gram by giving resellers up to 60% Off products every day on your orders of €500 or more!

It’s not possible to use any coupon codes as Business PRO-gram Member

Then the Business PRO-gram is probably the best fit for you with substantial everyday Business discounts designed for end users of our products. Here is the best way of evaluating which program is best for your business order:
– I’m a Reseller and my order will be €500 or more = Wholesale PRO-gram
– I’m a Reseller and my order will be less than €500 = Business PRO-gram
– I’m an End User and I own, manage, or purchase for a business = Business PRO-gram

No – Due to order volume and the complexity of the Wholesale PRO-gram Wholesale pricing, we are only able to process these types of orders automatically through our website and not over the phone or through email due to the additional manual processing required for those types of services.

Yes, there are times that a Wholesale PRO-gram member may need to make a purchase for their business that is less than €500, but they still want to receive discounts for their business. You will want to use your assigned Business PRO-gram code for those types of purchases. HOWEVER, due to technical reasons you cannot register the same email address to both accounts.

The Rag Company Europe keeps all information confidential and will never share your email addresses with any third party. We are a company that will protect and safeguard the privacy of our customers. See our privacy policy for the details of our pledge to your privacy. We only use the information you provide in the application form as a means of validating the existence of your business and authorizing your membership into the Dealer PRO-gram.

(If you can’t find your question here, please feel free to contact our support any time using the button below.)