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Wowo's Hydro Bead 500ml

Price: € 18.50
  • Ex Tax: € 15.29
    • Brand: Wowos
    • Product Code: ww011
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    Wowo’s Hydro Bead

    Wowo’s HYDRO BEAD is the the easiest and fastest way to apply a durable protection to the exterior of your vehicle so if you’re in a hurry or the weather is closing in on you, this is the product for you. You have a few choices, either lightly mist all over the vehicle using the supplied trigger spray, or use 50ml of HYDRO BEAD with 450ml of water in a foam lance and spray all over the vehicle. Make sure to jet wash the product off, helping it spread all over the vehicle, followed up with towel drying for the perfect finish. If you're wanting a proper hydrophobic protection but don't normally have 5 minutes to yourself then this is for you. Spray on, rinse off, and dry. Instant protection and gloss. Job done

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